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Concrete Ground Pump and Line Pump for Every Construction

A concrete ground pump is less expensive than a boom pump for being simple and lightweight. Concrete pump trucks and boom pumps cost you a fortune, and they are best for large

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Apr 06, Our ground line pumps will run along the ground, and can sidestep objects like trees, buildings and other structures that might be getting in the way of your pour. With our

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A line concrete pump, or ground concrete pump is a piece of construction equipment that transports concrete under pressure through pipelines. It continuously transports concrete

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Ground line concrete pump is one type of line concrete pump, which is equipped around the ground of construction areas with steel pipe or rubber hoses as concrete conveying pipelines.

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Concrete ground pumps, also called concrete line pumps or fixed concrete pump, place concrete via the extended pipelines running along the ground. Actually, the ground line pump can reach 150 meters vertically and more than 1000 meters

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TP-70 Concrete Line Pump. Trailer pumps, or concrete line pumps, are stationary concrete pumps mounted on trailers, allowing you to attach a hose and direct high volumes of concrete anywhere you need to for your construction purposes. We are well-known for our expertise in manufacturing reliable, efficient, high-quality concrete line

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Line pumps place inch to 1.5 inch rock, allowing flexibility in selecting the concrete mix best suited for your project. The old standby of the barrow and bucket is replaced by the common sense approach of delivering the concrete to the form via line pump and hoseman*. *Hoseman fees are not always included in line pump

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Line pumps use a series of pipes and hoses to pump concrete along the ground directly to your pour site. The pipe system can be laid over obstacles and through buildings.


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Concrete pumps come in a couple of basic varieties line pumps and boom pumps. 1. Line Pumps Line pumps pump liquid concrete in hoses at about ground level until the concrete reaches its destination. The hoses offer the flexibility to snake through alleys and around houses where the truck may not be able to

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A line pump is a long hose which is attached to a trailer-mounted pump and then usually run free-form along the ground. Line pumps are generally used on smaller-scale residential jobs due to their more compact nature, and the ease with which you can direct and move the hose by

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The concrete line pump can reach 120 meters 360 meters vertically and concrete with extended pipelines horizontally. How much does a concrete line pump It varies according to different models, and the price can be affected by many factors. The price range varies from 17, 000 to

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Callaghan Concrete Pumps is leading name in concrete pumps. With a head office in Silverdale, NSW and branch in Hallam, Victoria, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and support to match. For enquiries, you can call us on (02) (03) for

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The concrete line pump is able to reach out to about 120 meters long vertically and 1000 meters far horizontally. The concrete boom pump can reach from 11 meters to 71 meters long. How much pressure does a concrete pump It depends on